Designing Across Devices with Progressive Enhancement

A presentation at UIE Virtual Seminar by Aaron Gustafson

Remember the good old days when getting IE6 to “work” was our main worry?

My, we’ve come a long way, baby.

Today, browsers are just one of the issues among a sea of considerations like accessibility, device compatibility, and responsive or adaptive design. And with new techniques and devices coming out daily, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Fortunately, Aaron Gustafson knows how to wrangle all of these elements using progressive enhancement. With his practical approach, he designs for humans on any spectrum ­­ with and without javascript enabled—and soon enough, you will, too.

Create experiences without technological constraints

  • Understand progressive enhancement and integrate it with your process
  • Use content as your foundation and build the experience from there

Stop assuming users are just like you

  • Come to a better understanding of how existing design decisions can unintentionally skew your analytics
  • Prevent the typical myopic view of web and mobile experiences

Make a content­-first approach work

  • Fuse responsive web design and mobile­-first with progressive enhancement
  • Focus content, core tasks, and visual designs on a continuum

Establish a solid strategy for planning

  • Sketch different experiences using basic UI elements and flow charts
  • Plan decision points and outcomes from simple through complex interactions

Join us for this seminar if you:

  • Need a manageable design process that works for your whole team
  • Feel your sanity slipping away as more devices launch every. single. day.
  • Want to plan, design, and test all potential experiences across platforms

If you’re trying to create a better web ­­ and are open to rethinking how you approach designing for any interface, then you need to watch Aaron’s seminar.


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