Designing for Everyone: Building Great Web Experiences for Any Device

A presentation at Microsoft Build 2018 in in Seattle, WA, USA by Aaron Gustafson

As the capabilities of the web platform advance, and the pervasiveness of web content proliferates, fundamental design principles are more important than ever: How do you enhance your experience as new capabilities become available in Microsoft Edge and other browsers? You've considered how your content looks and operates on mobile, but how does that design adapt to desktop devices? Is it usable via "headless" interfaces like screen readers or Cortana? Does your content adapt gracefully to the constraints of its environment? In this session, Aaron Gustafson will help you think about user experience from its foundation, so you understand what it means to build adaptive web experiences – whether in an app, in a browser, or beyond. We’ll show you some of the newest capabilities coming to Microsoft Edge that let you build differentiated experiences on Windows 10. You’ll walk away practical, cross-platform code examples you can put to use in your projects today, and foundational principles to ensure that your projects are ready for anything.


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