View from the Outside: Real World Perspectives on the W3C

A presentation at W3C TPAC 2007 in in Cambridge, UK by Aaron Gustafson

Whether you're a Web designer, developer, usability specialist or work in any one of the myriad jobs that go into making great Web sites, it's clear that the W3C has significant influence on how you work. Whether it's via the specifications that go into the software and agents that you use daily, or as the cornerstone of educational material, the W3C is involved somewhere in the process. But it's clear that there's been a gap between the real-world and the internal workings of the W3C. As Working Groups such as HTML 5 and CSS become more open, so must our conversations open. In this session, the W3C will have the opportunity to listen to real-world perspectives, respond to criticisms and praise and keep alive the ongoing commitment to authentic conversation and active community participation.

Panel moderated by Molly E. Holzschlag Other panelists: Patrick Haney, Matthew Oliphant, Stephanie Troeth


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.