Building Adaptive Designs Now

A presentation at User Interface 17 Conference in in Boston, MA, USA by Aaron Gustafson

It seems like new browsers and devices are invented every day. This reality leaves us with a couple paths: ignore them but fall behind, or face ‘em head-on.

The problem is, trying to stay on top of these innovations can feel a bit like battling Sauron’s army. (And for those who don’t get the movie quip: very, very daunting.)

Fortunately, progressive enhancement is the way forward for web design — especially on mobile devices. By starting simple and building up, we can craft amazing experiences that work regardless of the capabilities or deficiencies of a given device.

And Aaron Gustafson is just the man to describe how proven techniques like mobile first, responsive design, and adaptive UI can fit into your process while expanding your skill set.

Aaron will talk about:

  • Shifting your thinking to architect adaptive experiences right away
  • Designing to take advantage of what’s possible on today’s mobile platforms
  • Considering alternative ways to interact with UI components you design
  • Using JavaScript smartly to avoid creating a “house of cards”

This talk focuses on designing for mobile - a portion of what his workshop topic will cover.

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